Project Background

The Harcourt Road fresh water pumping station is one of the key installations of the water supply system supplying fresh water to Central, Wan Chai, Mid-level and Peak areas. To maintain the fresh water supply to these areas, Water Supplies Department (WSD) aims to relocate and integrate the pumping station to Lockhart Road Playground whilst providing new recreational facilities to meet the interests and needs of the Wan Chai community. This will create a new outlook of Lockhart Road Playground (the Project).

Key areas of the Project include:
  • Revitalise the Lockhart Road Playground
  • Improve local connectivity to create a harmonious environment
  • Promote sustainability
  • Achieve BEAM Plus Neighbourhood & New Buildings certification

  • To know more about the site selection for the re-provisioning of Harcourt Road Fresh Pumping Station, please click here "Site Selection".

Project Location

The fresh water pumping station will be located at the existing Lockhart Road Playground near Arsenal Street.